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Frequently Asked Questions

I also ask if you can take a lateral flow test, or rapid result test a couple of hours before attending. This is for all our safety. We trust that you will do this.

Other precautions we are taking are as follows:

  1. Covid – What does this mean to the Club?
    • We may ask how many jabs you have had (vaccination) zero, one, two. This is to get an idea how many are fully vaxed. So far the vast majority of swingers are fully jabbed.
    • We have enhanced our cleaning regimes. Alot. Ask for info if you are interested.
    • Our staff/volunteers test daily.

  2. Am I going to walk in to a mass orgy and be expected to join in?
  3. Many people think that when they walk in there will be a huge orgy going on, a pile of bodies like in Roman times and when depicted in paintings or on the TV. It’s not like that at all! (at least not in the public areas……….)

  4. Can we have sex with anyone we like?
  5. Provided it’s with their consent, yes. Never assume you have their consent… always ask. Our mantra is ‘Can I join you?’ simple as that.

  6. Clubf phone – why don’t you answer!!!?
  7. We used to, but now we only text, this is so we have a record of room booking/new members enquiries etc.
    Its also because we receive dozens of calls - sometimes 50 a day, and some are not at sociable times…… think 4am Monday morning!…
    Our phone number is 07932 488839.

  8. Do I have to pay?
  9. Yes you do, you have to pay a membership fee, £30 joining fee per person or for a couple, this lasts a year then its £15 per year to renew. Then you pay an entry fee every time you come to the Club.

    We are a private members club and you bring your own alcohol, we don’t make our money charging you high prices for your alcohol, we charge a Membership fee & entry instead.

    However, we keep our prices as low as possible and we try to give value for money and continually improve the club, and hopefully succeed in giving value, we know times are hard.

    The cost of a night out here is nowhere near what you would pay if you went to a pub, gym or nightclub and have full access to their facilities, partly because you bring your own drinks and partly because we have many members who contribute an annual membership fee, this helps to keep our prices down.

  10. Do we have to “do anything”?
  11. No! There is opportunity but no pressure in our Club. If you just want to stay together or maybe have a chat with someone and use the facilities that’s not a problem.

    We have many people that just come for the social side, we have people that simply want to watch, we have members that want to meet new people, but not at their own home, not in a pub (you don’t have to watch what you say at the Club!) We provide the facilities, any more is up to you. You won’t get pushed into anything you don’t want to be involved in.

    We do understand that you may feel a little nervous. Please don’t worry. Clubf is a pressure free club, and no one HAS to do anything at all.

  12. Do you have a drugs policy?
  13. Yes we do. And this isn’t about playing lip service to the right policies. Clubf has a very strict drugs policy. We don’t allow illegal drug use under any circumstances, anyone found abusing this policy will be asked to leave and have their membership revoked, so please don’t try.

    Viagra & poppers cannot be purchased from us, though if you have it then it is absolutely fine to take it, but we cannot sell it to you (we do not stock it). If you want to take poppers please check with the people around you that’s its ok for you to use them (this is important for medical reasons)

  14. Do you have any Advice for Couples?
  15. If you are new to swinging, please fully discuss & agree between you what your boundaries are, and revise that frequently. We rarely have trouble, but the most frequent bone of contention is about boundaries between you, either not discussed at all, not agreed, or boundaries broken in the heat of the moment.

    If all you want to do is go for a drink because you are new and nervous, then agree to that between you, and stick to it, don’t get carried away with yourselves and break the trust and agreement between you.

  16. Do you have any other rules?
  17. When you join we will show you round and explain all about the club, fire exits etc.
    All we ask is that you respect other members and the club itself.
    Always remember that “NO” means “NO”.
    Finally, Ladies are in charge in this building.

  18. Do you have shower facilities?
  19. We certainly do. We have a wet area on the ground floor and shower facilities on the hotel room floor.

  20. Do you have Soft Drinks, Tea, Coffee etc.
  21. We do not have a drinks license but we do ask that you buy your soft drinks etc from us. We also have crisps, chocolate, toasties and chips.

  22. Do you sell alcohol?
  23. No, unfortunately we can’t sell you alcoholic drinks, but you are welcome to bring your own. Please do not bring too much to drink as the aim of the club is to enjoy yourself and not to get drunk. Anyone we consider to be drunk may have their drink temporarily confiscated or in extreme circumstances, may be asked to leave the club. If you run out or forget your drink we can advise where to buy some but we are absolutely unable to provide you with any alcohol ourselves.

  24. Do you supply towels or robes?
  25. We supply towels & robes, there is a £2.00 cost to hire one, we have safe and secure lockers to keep your belongings in.

  26. Do you take credit cards?
  27. Yes we do.

  28. Etiquette, any hints or tips?
  29. For some of us this is our public life and we have no secrets from anyone and are proud to shout from the hilltops what we do.
    However, for many of us, this is our private or secret life.
    Don’t ask people where they live
    Don’t ask people what they do
    Don’t ask people if you saw them outside the school picking kids up
    Just don’t, ok.
    If they volunteer that information, fine.

  30. How do we join?
  31. Membership can never be guaranteed. If you turn up drunk or late at night you will likely be refused entry. If you turn up and are not booked in then you MAYBE refused entry as we only allow a limited number of new members. Its always best to book in advance by texting the club phone 07932 488839. You may be required to be introduced or vouched for by another club member. On your first visit, each person will be asked to complete a membership form (joint form for couples) and for ID, this is absolutely essential for security reasons, so please understand that we can’t let you join without ID. Acceptable forms of ID include: Driving license (preferred) , Passport, Utility bill (gas, electricity etc) bank statement. We may photograph, photocopy or write details of your id on the membership form.

  32. How do we meet people?
  33. Simply say hello and have a chat.
    People who come to the club are generally friendly and relaxed.
    Sometimes people are shy.
    If you know you are shy or nervous then have a few standard questions and just be brave and speak……That’s a lovely dress you are wearing……., did you travel far……., have you been to a club before, this is my first time!.......a simple way to start a chat….

  34. How far in advance to I have to book?
  35. Please note that rooms, particularly the private rooms at weekends and all the rooms on theme party nights do get booked up well in advance. However, if you want a private room, usually a text the week before will secure, BUT last minute cancellations do happen, so its always worth a quick text to check.

  36. How discreet is Clubf?
  37. Its one of our most important principles, discretion is crucial for your well being and for you to feel safe, this is what we don’t do:

    • We don’t discuss people outside the club
    • We don’t trash people
    • We will NEVER sell your story to anyone (papers, tv, magazines) believe me, Sue gets regular emails and calls asking her to What happens in Clubf stays there.

  38. How many people come along?
  39. This question gets asked all the time and it really is impossible to say. The answer is, however many people feel like coming on the night, it’s really down to you, if everyone comes that wants to, then the night will be busy, if everyone waits till they know who else is coming then the night may be quiet…

  40. I am a single female but I want to try this, can I come alone?
    For sure you can and you will be made very welcome, this club is owned by a woman (Sue), and women’s safety is very important to her, its different to going out to town on a Saturday night, getting drunk and meeting a stranger (of course that’s fine if that’s what you like to do).
    We know who we have in the club and we check, clean & tidy the playrooms regularly, our members look out for everyone, certain standards of behaviour are expected at the club and any breaches are generally reported quickly, you have easy access to protection (condoms) and we have an alcohol policy that means no-one should be so drunk they do not know what they are doing (and where needed we will enforce this) and any illegal drugs are categorically banned. This is a great environment to meet people in, you are safe and it’s discreet. If you want to arrange to meet someone here then you can come along, knowing if they don’t turn up, you won’t sit there looking lonely… also knowing that if they do turn up but you don’t get on, well, you can both chat to others and it won’t have been a wasted night.

  42. I am a single guy and don’t want to admit it, but it makes me nervous to come along
  43. Everyone is nervous to begin with, you will not be the first and certainly won’t be the last, remember, the best thing to do is talk to people, don’t sit alone in the corner, get out and chat. Your enjoyment of the evening is affected by the effort you put in, don’t stand with groups of lads or follow the ladies and couples about, it’s intimidating for ladies. Introduce yourself and chat to people, go in the hot tub, have a sauna, chat at the bar.

  44. I am already a member of another club, do I still have to join?
  45. I am afraid that all clubs are independently operated and membership is generally required by all reputable clubs. This is a sex club and we need to know who our members are.

  46. I am nervous and don’t want to play in public?
  47. There are private playrooms, and there are group playrooms, to begin you may wish to be private, for some people playing in public is their worst nightmare or their best fantasy….whatever is your preference everyone will understand.

  48. I am over 50, does this matter?
  49. Believe it or not, the most popular guy in Clubf is over 65… ask us. It’s about you and your attitude and how you get on with people. I am generalising of course, but if you are fairly relaxed and easygoing and friendly, then you probably will slip into our environment very easily.

  50. I am overweight/underweight and am conscious I am not a glamour model, am I welcome?
  51. YES, YES, YES, You know what, we don’t care and neither do most of our members, swinging is generally more about the person inside than their looks. Of course everyone is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why No means No, don’t take offence, some people prefer blondes, some people like broad shoulders, some people like bald men, some people love curves, we are all different, get chatting and see what happens.

  52. I am worried I may not be invited to play or that I may be turned down.
  53. That may happen, and it probably will happen at some point.
    Try not to take it personally, not everyone is everyone’s choice…No today could be yes next time.
    That’s part of what makes it fun, people like different people, different shapes, sizes, ages, looks, and remember, they may have already had sex several times already and may need a drink, so a no now, well it may also mean, No, not right now, maybe later…..
    As long as you are clean, fresh, pleasant company, non pushy and like to chat, keep on trying…ask the staff what you could do….keep on chatting, go in the hot tub!, this list is not exhaustive…Dont sit in a corner and wait….that is a strategy that may work, but it likely wont……

  54. I come up here rarely or I live a long way away, can I get a guest membership?
  55. YES you can a one-off entrymembership is £15, though we keep our prices low and even if you join and come up a couple of times, it is a fairly low entry/membership fee.

  56. I have been to other clubs and people were rude.
  57. Clubs are generally friendly places, but if someone is rude or disrespectful then come and tell one of the staff as this will not be tolerated, remember we do have the dungeon and it does have whips in it…

  58. I have disabilities, am I welcome?
  59. We do not discriminate against anyone with disabilities. It’s important to us that we treat everyone equally and are even-handed with all our members.
    We have deaf members and we have had blind members, we have people in wheelchairs and we have people with motor neurone disorders, we have many military with war wounds, as long as you can get up and down stairs, you will be fine. You can tell us or not, but we would prefer when you join that you do tell us so we are aware of any possible needs you may have.

  60. I visited once and didn’t enjoy it
  61. As every night has a different atmosphere due to the different people that come along, some nights will be excitable and upbeat and some nights will be quiet and chilled, some nights will be full of play and some will be full of private play and some will be an orgy on for hours………
    It’s difficult to judge on one night alone, you should really try a few different nights.
    Just try it again, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. Often people take a few visits before they settle down, get used to the facilities, the environment and the staff.
    Once this happens people can really start to enjoy Clubf, with some people it happens quickly and with some it takes times and for some it just does not happen at all.
    It may be that you want to try swinging but you are not in the right frame of mind for it, wrong time, right place. Don’t dismiss, just come back another time.

  62. If I decide I want to stay over after I arrive, will this be possible?
  63. If we have a room then that is no problem, rooms are £35. Check out of the bedrooms by 10am and check out of the hotel by 10am on Saturdays & 10.30am on Sundays, and tea/coffee and toast is included. You can order Bacon or Sausage Sandwiches on Saturdays and a full cooked breakfast on Sundays. If we don’t have a room then you can crash ( £15 per person), we provide you with a duvet and a pillow and find you somewhere to sleep, usually the playrooms when the club has closed. (That does not include a towel).

  64. Is it busy tonight, Or is it going to be busy tonight?
  65. We are a bit like a pub or the town centre when you go shopping, sometimes we are busy, and sometimes we are quiet. Some people would say the quieter nights are better as people make more effort to talk and chat and some people like more people to flit between. How you get on, well, it’s really down to your willingness to talk to people, to socialise…
    Swingers are very sociable people, you talk to someone then they pretty much always talk back……
    Mix that with the good old North East of England friendliness and you have a winning formula.

  66. Is Parking close by?
  67. When you receive joining instructions you will be advised where the correct place to park is. There is a public car park within a few minutes walk and sometimes you can get a space right outside the club. Although it may not seem important to you, it is important that you take note. We have been through a few years of operating in this area and it has taken a long time to finally gain the trust and respect of most of the more equal minded locals, (that is not everyone, some still think its wrong to be liberated and have fun) the police and the council. This has been achieved in a big part by observing the parking requests and the parking facilities that have full approval of the local Durham Police.

  68. Is sex guaranteed?
  69. Please remember that this club is not a brothel, nothing is guaranteed and unlike some other clubs we are a pure swingers club. This means we don’t pay girls to come and entertain the guys. People come to us because they have certain things in common – our members enjoy recreational sex and they enjoy the liberated environment, there is no hassle and no trouble and no escorts and no money should ever change hands between members. To date it’s never happened, but if we ever become aware that an escort is offering their services within the club, they will be asked to leave immediately.

  70. Non-judgemental, what do you mean?
  71. We absolutely try our best not to judge people on their likes, looks and loves, preferences, jobs, wallet size……
    That means you will not be frowned upon for anything you do (as long as its legal and does not involve getting too drunk). You may not appeal to everyone, but you should never be criticised.

  72. We’re coming for the first time and are nervous...
  73. Everyone gets nervous on their first visit to a club. Just take the night at your own pace, you’re not going to be forced to do anything. If you come with no expectations then you will enjoy the experience more Clubf is non-judgmental and open minded, we are all different and we are all friendly.

  74. What are the best nights to join?
    • Couples – If you think you want busy then any Saturday, more couples than singles, especially theme party nights, are usually busy nights.
    • Single Guys – Fridays, that’s more singles than couples, it all depends who decides to come out to play!
    • Single Girls – You can join anytime you wish.

    All nights have a different atmosphere, no night is ever the same, some nights will be better than others, it’s really down to you, your frame of mind and if you go just wanting to socialise that’s often a good way to begin, then anything else that happens is a bonus.

  75. What are your age restrictions?
  76. We have no upper age limit, we have a lower age limit of 23yrs, we will consider people outside that age bracket but only if they are experienced swingers and come as part of a couple.

  77. What if I see someone I know?
  78. We cannot pretend this does not happen, from time to time it does. BUT, there is an unwritten rule in swinging clubs that says “whatever happens in the club, stays in the club” and remember everyone is here because they have a common interest (and it’s not stamp collecting!)
    It’s likely that the person you know will be as shocked as you are! Just have a quick chat and remember discretion works both ways.

  79. What membership details do you need and is my information secure?
  80. Please bring one form of ID each on your first visit as we CANNOT issue membership without this. Driving License is best for us, but a Utility Bill or Passport (plus something with your address) is fine as well.
    Your ID is used to verify your address and is not used for ANY other purpose.

    • We NEVER send post out,
    • We are fully licensed by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) to store and hold information safely and securely
    • We have a secure database that is not connected to the internet
    • We do not have a Wifi connection in the building

  81. What sort of mix do you get in the club on different nights?
  82. Friday is usually more singles than couples and Saturdays is predominantly a couples night. Every night is different and every night has a different atmosphere.

  83. When are you open?
  84. Fridays & Saturdays and the 3rd Wednesday of the month is Greedy Girls, any special events are advertised on Fab Swingers. Friday & Saturday night from 8.00pm till 1.30 am (Single guys are limited on a Saturday) The club can be hired to members for private parties.

  85. Where are you based?
  86. We are 6 miles from J63 of the A1m, in Stanley in County Durham, we are very easy to find but please don’t ask locals for directions to Clubf, discretion is valued, in all ways… Please text for address details before making your first visit. We take your and our privacy seriously and do not give out the address anywhere on this site, you should ring and ask to be put on the guest list and directions will be given on the day of your attendance at the club.

  87. Where can I park my car/van/trip bus/motorbike/motorhome?
  88. Parking instructions will be given when you join. We maintain excellent relationships with the local police and council and endeavour to comply with any requests made to us regarding parking, it’s important to us that our members cause minimal disruption for our neighbours who live in a peaceful, quiet area and we are trying our best that our popular club does not impact on their quality of life. People leaving late, talking, slamming car doors and putting headlights on does cause some discomfort and that’s why the police have been good enough to arrange to park where the least disruption is possible. Of course we can’t please everyone and do realise this is an inconvenience, and why should you comply? Because our members are nice, easy going people who don’t like to upset anyone….just like us at the club….. Your co-operation is very much appreciated and I would like to think its appreciated by our neighbours…after all it could be worse, it could be the drunken, brawling, drug taking pub of past times?

  89. Will I have to give my name & address?
  90. Yes, but don’t worry. Your personal information is kept confidential, and is NEVER given to anyone. This is a common practice in the majority of clubs.

  91. Zero Tolerance, what do you mean?
  92. We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who does anything illegal.That works from the inside out, our members and our neighbours. Don’t even think about it. I have no hesitation in calling on the police force and providing statements.

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