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To book you should text the club phone 07932488839.

Once you have joined you can just turn up when we are open which is Fridays & Saturdays at 7pm til 1.30am, any other special/monthly events are advertised on Fab Swingers.

We have a regular special event Tease Tuesdays (1st Tuesday monthly)

Fridays tends to be lively and more singles than couples and Saturdays is more chilled and more couples than singles (Single guy places are limited).

Joining Information

Membership fee (this lasts a year) is £30 per couple, single guy or single lady. Renewal fee is £30 if lapsed for a year or over. Lapsed members can renew (£15) unless you rejoin with a different partner. Once you are a member, you can attend events alone or together.

Entry fees

Single female - £10 entry

Single guy - £25 entry (Friday) £35 entry (Saturdays) please book in for Saturdays as single guys are limited.

Couple - £25 entry (Friday & Saturday)

Tease Tuesdays (10am till 2pm prompt) entry for single guys is £15, Couples - £15 and Ladies are complimentary. Towels are £2.

Hotel Rooms

Rooms – Our hotel rooms are £35, shared rooms (2 double beds) are £30 per couple or £35 for single/couple use). Rooms are usually booked up in advance but we sometimes have rooms at the last minute.

Crash is £15 per person.

Other Info

Clubf is not a licensed premises which means we don’t sell drinks at inflated night club prices and you can bring your own alcohol (and take home what you haven’t used, save it for your next visit). This is one of the reasons we charge a membership fee & an entry fee, that’s what keeps us going, it also means a much cheaper night out.

We also ask that you produce id when you join, for obvious reasons, we want to know who members are, it creates a chain of responsibility, be wary of a swingers club that doesn’t want to know who you are.

New members should be preferably booked in and your entry place is guaranteed, to book in you should text the club phone and send £30 payment via bank transfer.

New members can of course turn up no problem and take a chance on entry.

When you join you will be shown around and everything will be explained.

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